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Happy Posting: A Great Birthday Activity for Toddlers

Posting is a great birthday activity for toddlers: 1 and 2-year-olds. They love dropping different kinds of objects into containers through a narrow opening and taking them out again. This action is called posting. Your child and his friends will be captivated by this birthday party activity. It is a a cheap and easy game to set up and organize. It is a great DIY activity which won’t break the bank!

Happy positing: a great birthday activity for toddlers

What is posting?

Posting is a great engaging activity that toddlers eagerly embrace repeatedly. What makes it so captivating for them? This pastime offers just the right amount of challenge, enticing kids to figure out how to precisely slot an object into a corresponding hole or shape. Additionally, it fosters the development of their pincer grip and in-hand manipulation with each instance they employ their tiny hands and nimble fingers. You will see, it will keep them busy and happy throughout the party!


What makes this posting activity fun?

Colorful balls, cardboard circles, popsicles, boxes and containers will entertain your little one in this engaging and fun activity that is posting. Your child and their friends’ attention will be immediately taken by the shapes and objects held in the sticky window. They will use their fingers to remove them and try to post them in the appropriate container. Also a large storage tub filled with colorful balls will prompt children to post them in the cardboard tube, boxes and pasta container.

Sticky window

What you will need?

  • Clear contact paper
  • Ducting tape
  • Rainbow adhesive book covering
  • Scissors
  • Carving craft knife
  • Shoe box
  • Cardboard
  • Popsicle sticks
  • 1 L (33 Oz.) plastic container with lid
  • Storage tub (I used 26.5 L or 7 gallons)
  • 1 Clear Pasta container
  • Empty tissue boxes
  • Cardboard tube like mailing tube
  • Plastic balls of various colors
Happy posting activity ingredients

How to make it?

For the coin box

  1. Cover your shoe box with your selected colored contact paper.
  2. Using a carving craft knife, cut one slot on the lid of the cardboard box.
    Colored shoe box for posting
  3. Draw 20 circles onto the cardboard (I used a yogurt pot) to make the coins (10 cm or 4 in. in diameter).
    How to make cardboard coins
  4. Cut the coins out of the cardboard piece.

For the sticky window

  1. Cut a 70 cm long (30 in.) clear contact paper.
  2. Cut 4 pieces of tape and then secure your contact paper to a window (sticky side facing you).
  3. Paste the cardboard coins and popsicles (15 cm or 6 in. long) onto the clear contact.

For the container tub

  1. Place the tissue boxes inside and/or outside your container tub.
  2. Fill the container up with as many of the colored plastic balls as you have.
  3. Add the cardboard tube and pasta container either inside or outside the tub.
Fill the container with balls and tissue boxes

Time to play!

Now it’s time for you to observe your child. Watch how they fit the balls, popsicles and cardboard coins in the holes and narrows openings that you have made for they.

Posting popsicle sticks

Make sure to be close by to celebrate with him his triumphs and successes.

Posting is fun
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