Fun Kids' Birthday Parties

Your guide to throw age-appropriate home-made fun kids’ birthday parties​

Activities for four-year-olds

Make a spooky, yet, child friendly Halloween party with these 5 awesome DIY activities. On the menu: Pumpkin pie play dough, arts and crafts, potions and more…

This pretend ice cream shop activity uses Moon Sand: a unique, crumbly, powdery soft like material. White sand for vanilla and brown for chocolate. Fun!

I spy a minibeast. Make preschooler unearth little creatures with this sensory bin activity that uses Moon Sand: a unique, crumbly, powdery soft like material.

Softer than play dough, cloud dough is a full sensory experience for young children. Ice cream cloud dough is and awesome kids birthday activity.

Play dough, it’s always a winner! Add to it something different: sand play dough. Would you believe that you can make a play dough that looks and smells like sand? Recreate the bottom of the sea.

Trains! Does child get excited every time they see a passing train. They’ll adore this sensory activity centered around trains, crafted with vibrant colored salt.

Transform your children in mini pastry chefs with this amazing tuff tray sensory activity. Use shaving cream to make pretend colorful layer cakes and cupcakes at your child’s birthday party.

With this Ocean Magic Sensory Bin, children will become little scientists, experiencing with chemical reaction and make sea animals swim in magic fizzy water.

Your children will love to help clean the ocean with this fantastic sensory bin. Featuring water play, fine motor skills and a small world to wonder.

This ocean oobleck sensory bin will elevate your child interest for sea life to a new level. Make them rescue the sea animals prisoners of this gooey mess.

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