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3 Fun Fine Motor Skills Activities for Toddlers

By the time children turn 1, they are usually getting pretty good at grasping different object. Is your toddler getting good at it too? They will then love these 3 fun fine motor skills activities. The first activity is a puzzle play sensory bin filled with shredded paper. The second is a Teddy bears tape rescue: children need to remove the sticky tape from Teddy. The third is removing color hair ties from cardboard tubes. These activities are an invitation for concentration, storytelling and in-hand manipulation. Your child and their tiny guest will be amazed and captivated by these 3 fine motor skills party activities.

3 Fun Fine Motor Skills Activities

1. Puzzle Play Sensory Bin

Puzzles are a magnificent resource that have multiple benefits in early childhood. They enable children to develop problem solving skills on how to correctly place pieces, cognitive skills through visual space awareness, fine motor skills to learn how to grasp and pick up pieces, hand/eye coordination by placing puzzle pieces in the correct order, and social skills when completing puzzles with peers.

Puzzle play sensory bin

What you will need?

  • 1 plastic container (I used 26.5 L)
  • Sheered paper of any other color. I used black.
  • Chunky wooden puzzles
  • Matching pictures

How to make it?

  1. Place the shredded paper in the plastic container.
  2. Hide the chunky puzzle pieces in the shredded paper.
  3. Display outside the bin the matching pictures
How to make the puzzle play sensory bin

Time to play!

With your little one and friends by your side model how to search through the shredded paper to find out what piece of puzzle goes in the matching picture. You could talk about how the shredded paper feels, what sounds does it make and how it looks. Let children use their fingers to dig through this tactile sensory material. It will be messy but worth it!

2. Teddy bears tape rescue

Peeling off sticky tape requires precise finger movements which helps the development of children’s fine motor skills. They also have to problem solve by figuring out how the tape sticks to surfaces and how to efficiently remove it. It is also a good activity to enhance their patience, but they will see the results right away and are unlikely to get frustrated specially because the tape can never be that well stuck.

Teddy bear rescue

What you will need?

  • 3 different teddy bears or other plush soft toys
  • Masking tape

How to make it?

  1. Add pieces of tape all over the teddies.
  2. That’s it!

Time to play!

This is a great opportunity for your child and his friends to hear you tell a story about how these teddies got hurt and now that they are feeling better it’s time to take out their “band aids”. Kids will love to pull off the pieces of tape over and over again.

3. Removing color hair ties from cardboard tubes

This is also a great activity that involves concentration and problem solving. Toddlers have to precisely use their little fingers to understand to pull and glide the hair ties out of the tubes.

Removing hair ties from tubes

What you will need?

  • 4 Cardboard tubes of different sizes
  • Hair ties of a variety of colors (you could also use scrunchies)

How to make it?

  1. Stretch hair ties over each of the cardboard tubes.
  2. Nothing else!

Time to play

Role model how to stretch the ties on the cardboard tubes. Have fun counting how many ties the child has been able to take out and what colors do they see. Why not putting some shredded paper inside the tubes? Have fun!

Important information

Make sure to take photos and be close to the children, as they still can put paper, tape or ties in their mouth.
Having other parents to help out and to encourage the children engaging in these fun activities will bring higher and brighter excitement.

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