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Taste-Safe Chocolate Cereal Sensory Bin

Chocolate Cereal Sensory Bin Activity

Is your child fascinated by all sort of kitchen tools and cookware? So, this sensory bin and play set-up is perfect as it will make your child and friends feel like a master chef. It includes a taste-safe sensory base: chocolate cereal. The one I chose is gluten free and has the shape of tiny teddy bears, but you could choose other lower sugar cereals of your preference.

Kids will love to explore the crunchy texture of the cereal with their hands, as well as, indulging their sense of smell with the amazing cocoa scent. Expect children to have a decadent bite. They will love it!

The Taste-Safe Chocolate Cereal Sensory Bin includes: a sensory bin that has chocolate cereal inside and a range of toy stainless steel cookware, toy kitchen utensils, as well as regular measuring jugs, scoops, and spoons. In addition, each child can have their own tray were to scoop and transfer tiny Teddy’s cereals from one paper cup to another. Moreover, by using cereal boxes you can make a posting activity. All of these active-play will help children with the refinement of their eye-hand coordination and grasp.

Are you a storyteller? Why not telling the story of “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” while pouring, scooping, whisking, and serving cereal. Perhaps children can have a picnic with their favorite soft toy and serve them “hot chocolate” for a tasty treat.

What is a Sensory Bin?

Sensory bins are containers filled with a range of materials that engage children’s senses. From water and sand to rice, flour, dry beans, shaving cream and more—these engaging bin fillers offer endless possibilities for creative play, tailored to your child’s age.

Why this Chocolate Cereal Sensory Bin is a perfect activity for a birthday party celebration?

This sensory bin is a fantastic activity for toddlers’ birthday parties for a few reasons:

  • It is quick and easy to make.
  • It has just one sensory base: Cereal
  • If the size of the bin is big enough 3 to 5 children can play simultaneously.
  • Children will explore and play using all their five senses.
  • It will spark kid’s imagination and language development by observing and imitating what adults show and tell them.
  • It is a great set-up for singing songs and telling stories.
  • Children will be busy mixing, pouring, stirring, and scooping. All incredible activities for the growth of fine-motor skills.

Creating the Taste-Safe Chocolate Cereal Sensory Bin

What you will need

Chocolate Cereal Sensory Bin Activity ready

How to make it?

  1. Set up your Chocolate Cereal Play activity on an easy-to-clean play mat, picnic rug, or towel.
  2. In your plastic container, place the toy cookware set, toy kitchen utensils, measuring jugs, spoons, and scoops. Then fill the bin with the cereal.
  3. 580 g of cereal is enough for 3 children to play with at the same time. However, if there is more than three, you could fill another plastic container with more cereal.
  4. To make the cereal box posting activity you will need to: Paste your printed image on the cereal box using a glue stick. Then use a pencil to trace a circle in the mouth of the printed animal. I used the small opening of a vanilla essence bottle as a guide. Finally, use a carving craft knife to cut the traced circle.
  5. For the individual trays invite children to use a teaspoon to transfer cereal from one full paper cup to an empty paper cup.
  6. You are ready to go!
Chocolate Cereal Sensory Bin Activity in action 1
Chocolate Cereal Sensory Bin Activity in action 2

Important Information

Before children play with the toy cookware and utensils, make sure everything is previously hand-washed. You could also provide for each child a small tray and container to play independently.

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