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The children’s Party Book by Anne and Peter Thomas

The Children's Party Book front cover
The Children's Party Book back cover

The children’s Party Book by Anne and Peter Thomas is a great book to read for parents that want to organize the birthday party of their young children. Indeed, this is the first book that I bought when I started my journey as a parent looking for ideas on how to plan and achieve my child’s birthday party. I just loved it!

Featured birthday or party activities:

This book provides plenty of examples of group games (more than 200) for 5 to 12 year-olds. These games are categorized as:

  • games for getting to know each other
  • simple group games
  • circle games, memory
  • observation
  • word and guessing games
  • peaceful games
  • creative activities
  • things to make
  • active indoor/outdoor games
  • blindfold games
  • catch and ball games
  • treasure hunts,
  • relay races

Children aged 3 to 4 years old won’t have as much active indoor/outdoor games as the former age group. However, there are more than enough action songs and simple group games that parents can choose for their 3 to 4 year-old kids.

The authors give valuable information about the developmental stages of children. Also, they talk about how age is a key factor when organizing your child’s birthday party.

Questions answered:

The children’s Party Book answers many questions that parents like you have about organizing the best party for their young children. Some of the answered questions are:

  • Who should we invite?
  • Should the winner get a prize?
  • Should we give out a present list for our child?
  • You can find a useful checklist and all the essential prep work, such as, a calendar, the child’s wishes, the invitations, decoration, prizes and little presents.
  • When should we hold a party?
  • How many children should we invite?
  • Should little brothers and sisters be at the party too?
  • How long should a party last?

Why I love reading The children’s Party Book?

What makes this book really unique is a whole chapter about puppet shows. If you like story-telling and being creative making your own puppets, then this book will fulfill your enthusiasm by giving you a detail step to step guide.

Last, but not least, the authors also present 10 amazing themes appropriate for 5 to 12 years-olds that I am sure will engaged and make the party an unforgettable occasion.

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